Amy Bellanchof aka Mrs. Bellanchof was voiced by Pauline Little. She is Melanie Bellanchof's mother, who is a teacher attending Melanie's new school.

As she didn't have a lesson plan, her students made little progress, which put her on the verge of getting fired. Although Miss Graves helped her improve her class by sharing her lesson plan, Mrs. Bellanchof dishonestly passed Miss Graves' plan as her own to win an award.

In other acts that show her lack of honesty, she got custody of her daughter by lying to the judge about which parent Melanie would rather live with, then used her position at the school to have her daughter join the cheerleading squad despite Melanie trying to tell her she doesn't want to be a cheerleader.

She also loses her temper easily, especially when Melanie complains and tells her she wants to go back to live with her father, pulling her hair and screaming when she is overly angry or stressed.