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Nancy Francis is a bossy girl. She is a rebellious, often mean spirited as fuck, authoritarian. Trying to make herself as pleasant as so she can be a piece of untrustworthy shit. Although she spends a lot of time trying to be popular, she has good results in school, being among the first in the class. She tries to get as close as possible to her colleague, Penny Grant, however at the end of the episodes she ends up being "friends" with Polly. Alongside Jessie the retard, Vinnie, Polly, and even Freddie, she appears in almost every episode of the series.

Physical Appearance[]

Nancy is pale-skinned and has curly red hair. She wears purple glasses that matches her dress.


She is a show-off and an attention seeker. She is popular and very competitive. Nancy likes sports, being the second best in her class. She likes to be the center of attention and always takes the lead of her group of friends. She likes to act like a heartless bitch to the other kids and going as far as telling them to "Go kill yourselves Fuckers!". She has a bad habit of killing every pet her parents buy for her and she loves to poison elderly people.