Penny Grant
Some attributes
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Other attributes
Penny is a rich girl who, by Nancy, is called "The Beauty Queen". Her most important and most significant trait by far is her general kindness.


She has short blonde hair with a fringe. Most of the time she wears a 'baggy' blue dress. She has pale skin and blue eyes. Her nationality is American.


She's very nice, smart and is often shown engaging in charity work. She is selfless to the extreme and always chooses well being of others instead of hers, due to which she doesn't have much time for spending time with her classmates, who are frequently try to befriend her (Nancy in particular). Although it is clearly established, that she is very smart (for example, she was able to outperform both Freddie and Polly in a math competition, being second only to Jessie, who had been cheating, however), she is quite unaware of these attempts, regardless of them being very obvious. Despite being almost "perfect", she is very modest and doesn't think highly of her actions, considering them to be more like a duty and responsibility. That being said, she doesn't look down on more self-centered people around her at all.